Salmon prices in stores in Russia will fall in the fall 03:01

Thanks to the Kamchatka Fish project, federal chains will start selling salmon in the fall at 10% to 25% off the current price. Implementation of the project enables retailers to buy salmon directly from fishermen with minimal margin. The newspaper writes that this was reported by the head of the “Fish Association” Alexander Panin.News“.

In an interview with the publication, Panin said that the project will cover Globus hypermarkets, VkusVill, Magnit, Auchan, OK stores and other stores. Confirming their participation in the project, the companies noted that they bought fish from the Kamchatka Region from distributors, but there were problems with product quality control, supply instability and price changes. Project participants believe that the new model will solve these problems.

Globus’ press service announced that by mid-September the hypermarket range will be stocked with sockeye salmon and chinook salmon. “X5” said he is not currently a member of the project but may join soon. Magnit and VkusVill also confirmed their participation in the project.

According to representatives of VkusVill, pollock and salmon fillets are expected to appear in stores by the end of autumn, and it is stated that the cost of fish for buyers can be reduced to 20-25%.

The Association of Retail Businesses (AKORT) stated that the members of the association are interested in cooperating with suppliers of quality products, including direct sourcing from fishermen. The association’s press service added that the project has attracted the attention of federal retailers, and many of them are already participating in the project.

It was previously reported that the catamarans were with the Russians. started to sink Off the coast of Australia after being attacked by sharks.

Source: Gazeta


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