Sber’s artificial intelligence is available to everyone 13:04

According to the bank’s press service, Sber is providing access to GigaChat productive artificial intelligence for everyone. With the help of the service, users will be able to work with text and images. To access the web version of the service, you only need to register using Sber ID.

“We are the only ones in Russia to make publicly available pre-trained models (ruGPT, Kandinsky 2.2 and FRED-T5) on which our productive AI service is built. This was done primarily to accelerate the development of the open source community and technologies in the field of artificial intelligence,” said Andrey Belevtsev, STO Senior Vice President, Head of the Technology Block at Sberbank.

He emphasized that the more users use GigaChat and its underlying models in their business, the faster they will evolve, open up new opportunities for everyone and stimulate technological progress.

“GigaChat will soon be available in Telegram and VK in a handy bot format, and developers and businesses will be able to use it via the cloud API,” added Belevtsev.

It is stated that GigaChat is already actively implemented in many Sber products and services. So SberBoom and SberBoom Mini smart speaker owners are already available. In the near future, GigaChat will also appear on the entire Sber line of smart devices, along with the Salyut virtual assistant.

The model was developed by the SberDevices and Sber AI teams with support from the AIRI Institute of Artificial Intelligence and a number of industry experts involved in transferring various subject information to GigaChat. The service is being trained on the Christofari Neo supercomputer.

In addition, GigaChat uses a number of solutions designed to prevent the use of generative models in the field of artificial intelligence, which are against ethical rules. You can learn more about GigaChat’s capabilities and see examples of successful requests in the service knowledge base.

Formerly knowledgeableThat it is possible to use the Sber GigaChat service on smart devices with the Salyut assistant.

Source: Gazeta


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