Biometrics in Russia will be divided into levels 11:29

The Bank of Russia plans to divide the biometric data of citizens transmitted by banks to the Unified Biometric System (UBS) into several groups based on the quality of their reading. This has been reported Interfax With reference to Olga Skorobogatova, First Vice-President of the Bank of Russia.

“The Bank of Russia is developing a system for dividing biometric data into levels,” said the vice president, as quoted by Interfax. He explained that some data will allow all possible transactions, the second will only allow some, and the third will only allow identification or authentication of the user.

He compared this to the “Gosuslug” system, where different levels of authentication allow access to different types of public services. This approach will reduce risks when working with low quality biometric samples.

Banks are required to transfer all their customers’ data to EBS by October 1, 2023, but biometrics read by commercial systems often do not fully comply with Unified System requirements. Division into levels allows you to use even non-ideal data in “lighter” mode.

Skorobogatova added that many services will be available in EBS and this will be of interest to citizens to hand over their biometric information, as is the case with the Unified Identity System. According to him, the more functions there are, the more active the users of the system will be.

Refusal to switch to EBS still continues valid For citizens of Russia.

Formerly known as Mintsifra accredited The first banks to work with biometrics.

Source: Gazeta


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