Izvestia: Russian enterprise started the first equipment purchases for parallel import

Russian retail chain “M.Video” for the sale of household appliances and electronics has started test purchases and sales as part of parallel imports. The newspaper reports “News” by referring to a company representative.

At the same time, the retailer refused to buy Apple electronics, since the equipment purchased by this manufacturer in other countries may not work in Russia, which poses a serious risk to the network.

According to the source, negotiations are ongoing with Iran, where Apple has not officially allowed the sale of branded electronics due to sanctions, but its implementation has not been stopped.

“Apple smartphones and gadgets are now available in the network’s stores. These are deliveries made before February 2022, most models with discounts and installments. “We can meet the demand in the market right now,” he said.

Ruslan Davydov, First Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service allowedHe said that Russia may consider expanding parallel imports of all goods and brands in the future. He added that the end consumer did not suffer any harm from parallel imports. At the same time, statements about a sharp increase in counterfeit products after its legalization are false. That is, parallel import is the import of a similar product. The fake itself is fake.

Source: Gazeta


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