The new version of the Sber neural network Kandinsky 2.2 is popular with users 20:15

In two days since the release of the new version of the Sber neural network Kandinsky 2.2, users have already created 3 million unique images. This was reported by the press service of Sberbank.

“With Kandinsky 2.2 you can create high-resolution photorealistic images – the difference from the previous version is especially noticeable in portraits. And if earlier the pictures were only square, now it is possible to adjust the aspect ratio during rendering,” the message says.

It is also stated that the Sber neural network has learned to create unique stickers with which you can combine sticker packs in Telegram. In addition, the Kandinsky 2.2 bot in Telegram can quickly replace individual objects or elements in the uploaded image according to the text description, thanks to its ControlNet architecture. At the same time, it will preserve the composition of the original picture.

“Kandinsky 2.2 can also create an illustration from several images, stylize a drawing according to a text description, create pictures similar to the ones given, fill in missing parts (inpainting), draw in infinite canvas mode (outpainting). The Sber neural network, unlike foreign analogues, understands requests in Russian. We can create images in more than 20 styles,” added the press service.

As clarified in Sberbank, it can be tested on Kandinsky 2.2. promotion page models on platform FusionBrain.AI, in telegram bot And shit With the help of the command “Start artist” on Sber smart devices in “VKontakte”, as well as in the Salyut mobile application. Also available at: platform ML Field.

Recall that the neural network was developed and trained by Sber AI researchers with the joint support of scientists from AIRI Artificial Intelligence Institute on the combined dataset of Sber AI and SberDevices.

Source: Gazeta


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