European Commission and ECB debate over use of Russian Federation’s frozen assets 20:56

Disputes arose between the European Commission and the European Central Bank (ECB) over the use of Russia’s frozen assets, the agency reported. Bloomberg.

The European Union is in dispute with the European Central Bank over its plans to use more than €200 billion ($217 billion) of profits from frozen Russian Central Bank assets to help rebuild Ukraine.

ECB chief Christine Lagarde warned that action against sanctioned assets could threaten the eurozone’s financial stability and the single currency’s liquidity, Bloomberg reported. She noted that the amount in question far exceeded the several billion dollars the move would bring to Ukraine. The source writes that some EU member states support Lagarde’s warning.

Bloomberg states that frozen assets of the Russian Federation could bring in profits of around 3 billion euros, but according to some estimates the figure could be even higher.

Previously reportedThat the EU authorities do not intend to completely confiscate the frozen assets of the Russian Federation in European countries, there is no suitable legal justification for this.

Previously it happened It is known how many conditions Ukraine has fulfilled to join the EU.

Source: Gazeta


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