In Britain, they wanted to deal with the energy crisis by expanding the pumped storage power station.

Scottish company Drax Group has decided to apply for the expansion of the Cruachan pumped storage power station (PSPP) to improve the UK’s energy security. About reported on the organization’s website.

“More domestic renewable energy will help the UK tackle the energy crisis and end dependency on fuel imports. “The new project will also help stimulate the Scottish economy,” said company spokesman Ian Kinneard.

The press release stated that the company has decided to expand its pumped storage power plant by constructing an auxiliary underground station. To do this you need to dig a huge cave on the highest mountain in Argyll and Bute.

The auxiliary power plant will have a capacity of up to 600 MW. With its help, the total capacity of the project will be increased to 1.04 GW. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024 and to be operational by 2030.

Jonathan Brearley, head of British energy regulator Ofgem, on 12 May declarationHe said rising gas and electricity bills had become “a matter of life and death” for some UK residents. He emphasized that he communicates regularly with customers and knows how difficult rising energy prices are for businesses and households.

Source: Gazeta


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