The main fears of large and medium-sized enterprises have been revealed 00:00

A new wave of mobilization and new sanctions in Russia are the main fears of representatives of large and medium enterprises. According to a survey conducted with the Aktion group of companies, 34% and 29% of respondents consider these to be the most serious problems. has results.

Other fears of entrepreneurs include the decline of the ruble, the country’s complete break with the SWIFT international settlement system, and the cessation of parallel imports that allow goods to be imported into the country without the copyright holder’s permission. These were named by 19%, 17% and 15% of respondents. 7% of respondents fear the suspension of payment services, and 5% fear that certain Western suppliers will withdraw from the domestic market. The same number of participants named the lengthening of logistics routes and other logistics-related problems as a major problem. Western buyers leaving Russia will not be welcomed by 2% of survey respondents.

Only 9% of respondents said that nothing threatened their business.

Compared to last year, 29% of study participants experienced a significant increase in risks, 27% remained unchanged and 26% slightly increased. 11% of respondents had slightly reduced risk. 7% reported a significant reduction in threats.

More than a third of respondents – 35% – said that a reduction in their income of more than 50% would lead to the bankruptcy of their businesses. Almost the same number – 32% – up to 30% was called an indicator. With revenue falling to 50%, 29% of respondents expect bankruptcy. The remaining 4% called the threshold up to 10%.

Almost half of those surveyed – 44% – expect a slight increase in entrepreneurial income by the end of 2023. 18% predict no growth. Another 22% and 13% of respondents agreed with a slight and significant decrease in their income, respectively. 3% of respondents are confident that there will be a significant increase in indicators this year.

Businessmen cited the increase in prices, the expansion of sales markets and product range, and increased demand for their products as the main factors of revenue growth. Survey respondents also expressed confidence that re-directing sales to high-margin products (which can be sold at high profits) and investments in PR and marketing will facilitate positive dynamics.

The survey was conducted in June. 325 representatives of Russian medium and large enterprises with a turnover from 1 billion to 1 trillion rubles participated. These include trade and food, manufacturing, construction, light and defense industries, shipping and cargo transportation, energy, IT, agriculture and telecommunications from various sectors of the economy.

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Source: Gazeta


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