Annual inflation in the UK rises to 9% and reaches a maximum in 40 years

Annual inflation in the UK rose to 9% in April, the highest figure in 40 years of observation. About to witness Data from the country’s Office of National Statistics.

In April, annual inflation in the UK reached a record high since March 1982, reaching 9%. In March, it was at the level of 7%.
In March 1982, it is stated that the inflation rate was 9.1%.

At the same time, the CPI index (inflation taking into account the cost of housing for homeowners) rose 0.5% to 6.2% in April.

On 17 May, Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey delivered a speech to the Parliamentary Finance Committee. reportedHe said the situation in Ukraine could lead to a catastrophic rise in food prices around the world. According to him, another factor is the sharp increase in energy prices. This will come at the expense of reduced supply of gas and refined petroleum products such as diesel fuel.

Source: Gazeta


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