The Guardian: McDonald’s seeks ‘safe haven’ in UK amid rising prices

Rising electricity prices have prompted families in the UK to use fast food outlets, including McDonald’s, as kitchens. These release reports Guard.

According to journalists, the British now use McDonald’s as a living room and bathroom.

“People are buying Happy Meals for a few pounds for their kids and warming up at a McDonald’s. Then they wash their faces, brush their teeth in the sink and watch hours of TV over free Wi-Fi,” said Matthew Cole, head of the Fuel Bank Trust Fund.

The interlocutor also drew attention to the fact that it is becoming more difficult for the residents of the UK to live on the backdrop of “raging” inflation.

It turns out that annual inflation was known in the UK before. accelerated up to 9% and reached a maximum for 40 years.

Also in the UK estimated A catastrophic rise in food prices due to Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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