FT: Confiscation of Russian assets abroad will lead to the collapse of the international political economy system

The seizure of Russian assets abroad could lead to the destruction of the international system of political economy. The newspaper writes about it Financial Times with reference to sources.

It was noted that the United States and the European Union’s partner countries are concerned about the decision on the assets of Russia. It is assumed that these actions will be the passage of the Rubicon in the field of politics.

“In fact, this action will dismantle the system of international political economy that we have built over the (last) decades,” Simon Hinrichsen, a researcher at the London School of Economics, said in an interview with the FT.

Previously reportedHe said that the head of the Ministry of Finance of Germany authorized the seizure of foreign assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

May 14 Annalena Berbock, Head of the German Foreign Ministry statedHe said that the transfer of Russian assets frozen in Germany to Ukraine, as requested by Kiev, was not easy.

Before that, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba called The heads of the diplomatic departments of the G7 countries will enact laws that will allow the confiscation of Russian assets and transfer them to Kiev for the restoration of the country.

Source: Gazeta


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