The national project for the development of the electronics industry will cost 2.74 trillion yen by 2030

The implementation of the national project for the development of the Russian Federation by 2030 will cost 2.74 trillion rubles, which is 450 billion rubles less than the original plan. About Writer Kommersant, citing the source.

According to the materials, a little more than 2.74 trillion rubles was provided in the budget, a little more than 940 billion rubles, an additional 901.6 billion rubles should be allocated, and another 904 billion rubles are planned to be withdrawn from non-budgetary sources. At the same time, some of the funding may come from the introduction of labeling and recycling fees for electronic devices.

Market experts noted that they initially planned to make markings on LEDs to reduce the share of counterfeit products. Recently, however, the government has begun discussing labeling and disposal fees for radio electronics. The source of the publication stated that in the future the list of recyclable goods could be replenished with consumer electronics and computers.

The Russian Association of Commercial Companies and Manufacturers of Electrical Household and Computer Equipment (RATEK) announced that they did not participate in such an initiative. We are talking about the fact that the disposal fee may lie in the cost of production. At the same time, the fees themselves must eventually go to the disposal of electronics, and not to finance the budget.

At the end of April, RIA Novosti reportedMalaysia will consider all requests from the Russian Federation for the supply of electronics and element base for various equipment.

Source: Gazeta


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