German Finance Ministry: The previous governments’ dependence on the Russian Federation was a serious mistake

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner in an interview with a newspaper El Mundo He noted that Germany’s previous governments’ dependence on Russia and their energy strategy were a serious mistake.

“For Germany, the immediate interruption of gas supplies from Russia would seriously damage the economy,” he said.

Lindner added that Germany does not want to risk a major economic downturn that could reduce its ability to support Ukraine militarily and economically.

According to the minister, the government plans to isolate Russia politically, financially and economically. At the same time, he emphasized that there are serious economic effects especially for low-income countries due to high interest rates and rising agricultural product costs.

Lindner noted that Western sanctions will have an increasing impact on the Russian economy.

The head of the Ministry of Finance emphasized that a unilateral change in contracts could lead to Russia’s complete shutdown of electricity, and this will not only result in a loss of economic prosperity or a slowdown in growth for Germany.

He also opposed the creation of new political blocs.

Formerly Bloomberg knowledgeableHe said that in the event of serious cuts in gas supplies from Russia, the economic recovery of the European region would be severely slowed.

Source: Gazeta


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