Ministry of Industry and Trade announced that there is an excess of check tape in Russia

In Russia, the issue of check tape was previously launched, the price of which has increased greatly due to Western sanctions, writes. TASS.

Viktor Evtukhov, deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, said that on the back of the depreciation of foreign currencies, the residual value decreased and the supply in the market outstripped demand.

Russia currently produces 8,000 tons of cash tape per month and the demand for cash tape is expected to be 5,000 tonnes, according to experts.

There are six large enterprises for the production of check tapes in the Russian Federation. They have substantial stocks of raw materials and shipping costs continue to fall.

In March, retailers warned of a possible shortage of check tapes. In addition to the price increase, check tapes began to disappear from suppliers. Market participants attributed the problems to the end of the supply of raw materials, the growth of exchange rates and the disruption of the supply chain due to anti-Russian sanctions.

experts sort ofHe said nearly the entire business will face a serious plug tape shortage in April, as previously most deliveries of thermal paper were made by Germany.

Source: Gazeta


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