The main risk for the economy in Russia, called record low unemployment 10:57

According to the results of April this year, the unemployment rate in the Russian domestic market was only 3.3%, a record low. However, this factor can have negative consequences for the Russian economy, including inflation risks. opens The words of the director of the sovereign and regional rating group of the ACRA Dmitry Kulikov RBC.

Recently, competition in salary conditions in the Russian labor market has increased. This factor contributes to the increase in the wage level, but it can also dissipate inflation, which is undesirable for the Russian economy in conditions of structural adjustment.

“Probably not all companies have the ability to select an employee; wage competition becomes more important. Altogether, this raises the general wage level of the population, which is good in terms of nominal incomes, but can also support inflation, so its impact on real incomes is unclear, ”concluded Kulikov.

May 23, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin declarationAt the beginning of May, inflation in Russia was at the lowest level among all European countries. The rate of increase in consumer prices in the domestic market of the Russian Federation declined to 2.3% on an annual basis.

Source: Gazeta


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