The Federal Network Agency announced a 25% reduction in gas supplies through Ukraine.

The volume of gas entering the Waidhaus settlement through Ukraine via Germany decreased by approximately 25% compared to the previous day. About Writer With reference to the press service of the German Federal Network Agency, RIA Novosti.

It is stated that the missing fuel volume is compensated by supplies from Norway and the Netherlands.

“The Federal Network Agency is watching very closely the possible consequences of a reduction in gas transit through Ukraine for Germany and Europe. Gas supply in Germany is stable. Supply security is still being ensured,” he said.

The press service of the regulator noted that “there is no significant increase in wholesale prices at the moment”.

Earlier on May 11, economist Tom Krebs of the University of Mannheim, in his study, solutionHe said a sharp decline in Russian energy supplies could plunge the German economy into a major economic crisis the country has not experienced since WWII. The damage from the gas embargo will amount to about half a billion euros.

Source: Gazeta


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