Ukraine plans to deepen the canal on the Danube for grain exports 17:59

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yuriy Vaskov said that Ukraine wants to start work on deepening the canal on the Danube this year in order to develop alternative routes for the export of Ukrainian grain. It has been reported Reuters.

It is recorded that the Danube-Black Sea channel has been deepened from 3.9 meters to 6.5 meters before.

Vaskov said the new depth of the canal allows ships to stop at ports on the Danube in Ukraine, but because it is deeper this is not enough for some busy ships using the canal in Romania.

He noted that Ukraine wants to increase the depth of the channel in its territory to 7.2 meters, as in the Romanian channel, and plans to meet with the European Union officials on this issue in the near future.

in March reportedRomanian parliamentarian Maria Grapini applied to the European Commission with a question regarding the hydrotechnical work she is carrying out in Ukraine’s Bystry Canal region on the Duna River. Emphasizing that the river delta is a unique wildlife sanctuary in Europe, the parliamentarian asked him to explain what measures will be taken to protect the river delta.

Source: Gazeta


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