Putin said that it is important to keep the balance when replacing goods with analogues on state orders 18:40

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a meeting with Delovaya Rossiya, said that the authorities should examine the statements that prohibit the supply of goods under government contracts similar to those specified in the application, in this it is necessary to strike a balance between their interests. both the contractor and the customer.

“We must help those who are following these orders to fulfill their obligations and not put them in a difficult position when this difficult situation develops without their fault – it is not the fault of the contract enforcer. But the interests of the customer must also be ensured,” he said.

He noted that the government should not delay its work on this issue.

In addition, Putin at the meeting with representatives of “Business Russia” saidThat the Russian Federation, although not able to do everything, began the process of reorientation to rapidly developing markets long before the “current events”. Also, Putin supported The idea and demands of launching new investment instruments to the market also attracted attention. Before that, Putin spoke For changes in the regulation of the monetary legislation of Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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