Riyadh took advantage of sanctions against Russia to increase fuel supplies to the EU 07:50

According to the results of April this year, Saudi Arabia increased its Russian diesel fuel purchase volume to 174,000 barrels. The increase in diesel and kerosene imports by the Middle East state from the Russian Federation in May enabled Riyadh to increase its exports to European countries and become the largest fuel supplier of the European Union (EU). informs The Bloomberg agency cites statistics from Kpler analysts.

Against the background of international sanctions, Russia cannot send its own diesel fuel and other types of petroleum products and crude oil to the countries of the European Union (EU). We are talking about an embargo on the supply of these products by sea. The article states that Saudi Arabia has benefited from reduced supply from the Russian Federation.

“Saudi Arabia is buying millions of barrels of Russian diesel, which Europe no longer allows, while sending its own supply back to buyers in the EU. The kingdom imported 174,000 barrels of diesel and kerosene a day from Russia in April, and more this month. At the same time, it has become Europe’s largest supplier, outstripping the Russian Federation since February.

May 25 Bloomberg cites statistics from Vortexa analysts reportedThat the European Union (EU) was able to change the diesel fuel supply from Russia on the backdrop of international sanctions against Moscow. A number of foreign countries have acted as alternative sources, including India and Saudi Arabia.

Source: Gazeta


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