The Bank of Russia has established a procedure for the return of Russian securities from abroad21:53

The Central Bank has established a procedure for depositors to return Russian securities accounted for in customer accounts abroad. This was reported in the press service financial regulator.

As explained in the Central Bank, this will help remove a foreign entity from the chain of accounting for Russian securities and defend the rights of investors.

“Deposit institutions must apply for transfer to the NSD (National Clearing Deposit. –, after which the securities will be deposited into the nominal owner’s warehouse accounts,” the message says.

It is stated that this opportunity is provided once.

Russia’s Banya added that from January 1 this year, holders of securities who have transferred them with the right to use them to a foreign company under a storage contract can apply to the Russian custodian for the forced transfer of assets to infrastructure. Russian Federation.

It was previously reported by the Central Bank. approved A decision that from October 1, 2023, banks will be required to use only domestic services and infrastructure when processing domestic transfers within Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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