The government plans to allocate 503 million rubles for research in the field of health 12:48

The Government of the Russian Federation plans to allocate 503 million rubles for research in the field of health. This has been reported Web site cabinet.

In the report, more than 503 million rubles will be directed to scientific research in the field of health within the framework of the federal project “Medical Science for People”.

Additional funding will go towards the creation of new medicinal products, the development of drugs based on cell technologies and tissue engineering technologies, and their clinical trials.

The study will be conducted at Moscow State University. Lomonosov and in institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science and the Federal Agency for Medicine and Biology.

Previously reportedThat the government of the Russian Federation plans to allocate money to Russian seed growers for the technology. The funds will be used to implement programs for the scientific and technological development of agriculture.

Source: Gazeta


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