The study showed that the average income of a taxi driver increased 33% last year 07:41

A study by GTK Holding showed that the average income of a taxi driver in Russia increased by 33 percent last year. DEA News.

“On average, a shift takes about 8 hours. The average income of a driver per shift is about 5.6 thousand rubles. During the year, this figure increased by 33%. A year ago, the figure was at the level of 4.2 thousand rubles. In 2021 – 5 thousand rubles, in 2020 – 3.1 thousand rubles, in 2019 – 2.5 thousand rubles. … the net income of a taxi driver is about 35-40% of income, ”according to the study.

It was noted that the biggest decrease in taxi demand was noticed in the 2020 “pandemic” year, and the demand for these services gradually recovered in the next two years.

The number of people rejecting personal transportation in favor of ridesharing and taxi services is on the rise – coupled with the growth of so-called “short trips”, this also increases the earnings of taxi drivers, according to the researchers.

Earlier it was known that there are winter taxis in Russia. price increased by 13%.

Source: Gazeta


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