“We must not accept Putin’s terms.” How did Germany react to paying for gas in rubles?

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner not pay For the supply of Russian gas in rubles, as required by the Russian Federation. In an interview with the TV channel, he said that such a move could serve to strengthen the Russian currency and thus the Kremlin’s position. StripIt was published on Friday, March 25.

According to him, this is how Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to improve the economic situation. “If you only pay in rubles, you strengthen the currency,” said the head of the German Ministry of Finance.

“My advice: we should not accept Putin’s terms, we should follow the contracts as they were made,” he said.

Lindner stated that the final decision should be made by the commercial companies that buy and sell Russian gas to consumers.

A spokesperson for Germany’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection said it was a “special legal issue”.

At the same time, he reminded that most gas contracts provide payment in dollars or euros and that the parties are obliged to guarantee compliance with the contracts.

Convert payments to rubles

March 23 Putin instructed Convert payments for Russian gas supplies to “non-hostile countries” in rubles. The Russian side will no longer accept payments in “agreed currencies”, including dollars and euros.

“I have decided to implement a set of measures in order to transfer as soon as possible payment for our natural gas, which we supply to unfriendly countries in Russian rubles – let’s start with that,” said the President of the Russian Federation. He said that gas supplies to other countries will continue within the framework of previously signed agreements. According to him, only the currency of the settlements will change.

Of course, Russia will continue to supply natural gas according to the quantity and prices, according to the pricing principles determined in the previously signed contracts.”

The German Ministry of Finance recommended that companies not pay for gas in Russian rubles. According to department head Christian Lindner, Russian President Vladimir Putin “is trying to improve the economic situation in this way”

Source: Gazeta


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