Rzeczpospolita: More than 40% of Poles fear rising number of Ukrainian refugees 15:27

More than 40% of Polish residents surveyed reported that they feared an increase in the number of refugees from Ukraine and the spread of hostilities on Polish territory. The post writes about it RzeczpospolitaWith reference to the data of the Armed Conflict Research Laboratory at the Institute of Journalism and International Relations in Ukraine.

According to the publication, 42% of respondents take a negative attitude towards the increase in the flow of Ukrainian refugees. 37% of the respondents also admitted that they harbored hostility towards forced migrants. It is also reported that around 25% of those surveyed have worsened their attitudes towards Ukraine as this conflict has led to an economic crisis in their country.

It was also reported that almost half of those surveyed could not say what they would do in the event of an attack on Poland. 31% of Poles surveyed said that in this case they would collect the most valuable things and go abroad.

Professor Piotr Długosz of the Pedagogical University of Krakow noted that the Ukrainian conflict had “a multifaceted impact on Poland”.

“When the conflict started, it was worth surviving the grueling experience of the pandemic. Poles are afraid of losing the resources obtained. “These fears cause tension in the society,” he said.

Earlier, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that there are about 2-2.5 million Ukrainian citizens. has More than 1.3 million people receive assistance in Poland.

Source: Gazeta


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