Operator noted gross violations in the labeling of dairy products

In the first two months of 2022, dairy businesses committed 3.182 million violations in the area of ​​product labeling and permits. This was reported to socialbites.ca at the Center for Advanced Technology Development, the operator of the Chestny Znak system, which monitors the marking.

Even if we take the minimum penalty prescribed by the Code of Administrative Offenses for such violations, as stated in the CRPT, its total amount is equal to 3.2 billion rubles.

Of all violations, 2.32 million are attempts to circulate dairy products with false information in permits or without permission. It was made by 145 enterprises of the sector.

In addition, Chestny Znak recorded signs that about 5,000 companies are trying to sell 640,000 units of dairy products and are counterfeit. Nearly 600 businesses directly sold unlabeled products.

All information about violators of the CRPT has been sent to the supervisory authorities.

Dairy products in Russia began to be labeled in the summer of 2021. At first, the procedure began to work for ice cream and cheeses since the fall – for all milk with a shelf life of more than 40 days. From 1 December, the labeling requirement applies to all manufacturers of such goods.

Source: Gazeta


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