Medvedev said that companies leaving the Russian market are asked not to nationalize themselves.

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, said in an interview: DEA News”They say that foreign companies leaving the Russian market should not be nationalized, they want to return.

He noted that the only question is when and with what losses these businesses will return.

“You see, we’re a pretty big market, sometimes they call it a premium market. So if they want to give up some of their income, let them refuse, we can live without it. But they do not want to refuse, ”explained the politician.

According to Medvedev, foreign companies leaving Russia or freezing their business in the country “quietly tell” the Russian authorities that they expect a resolution of the situation, a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine.

“But on the other hand, do not cleanse us yet, do not remove us, do not bring foreign control, do not nationalize us, because we want to return,” said Medvedev.

Previously, almost half of Russians declarationIt was stated that the departure of many companies from the country will not affect their quality of life.

Source: Gazeta


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