British MP Bryant introduced a bill on the seizure of frozen assets of the Russian Federation 20:05

British opposition Labor Party MP Chris Bryant has submitted a bill to Parliament to confiscate frozen assets of the Russian Federation and transfer them to Ukraine as financial aid. It has been reported DEA News.

According to Bryant at the time of the bill’s submission, the document requires the British government to submit its plans to seize Russian assets already frozen in the UK due to sanctions and allocate them to Ukraine.

As the MP pointed out, the right to property is fundamental, but not absolute, and the law allows withdrawal of funds under certain conditions.

Formerly a senior European resource declaration Journalists in Brussels said that at the moment, the European Union has not made a decision on the use of frozen Russian assets. According to him, discussions on this issue are held both between EU members and with international partners. According to him, there are several options for the possible use of assets, but a final decision has not yet been made.

Source: Gazeta


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