BTA: Bulgaria allowed to supply products from Russian oil to Ukraine 18:45

Bulgarian authorities allowed the supply of products from Russian oil to Ukraine. About informs Bulgarian agency BTA.

The government decree states, “From February 5, 2023, the export of petroleum products to Ukraine, as well as the export of some petroleum products from Russian oil, to third countries is allowed.”

The publication added that such a permit was taken as an exception, as the country’s economy is heavily dependent on fuel from the Russian refinery.
Also, the decision was taken because such petroleum products could not be stored safely in Bulgaria.

January 30 Spencer Dale, Chief Economist at BP oil and gas company declarationHe said that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine will lead to a decrease in demand for oil and gas supplies in the world for the foreseeable future. By 2035, there will be a sharper decline in the use of natural resources. The report says that the conflict in Ukraine will result in a 2% decline in the global economy’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025, compared to expectations a year ago.

Source: Gazeta


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