Forbes reports that smartphone sales in China have dropped to a minimum in the last 10 years 3pm

China sold 286 million smartphones last year. This is the minimum of the last 10 years. Writer Forbes magazine cites data from the analytical company IDC. Compared to 2021, smartphone sales in the Middle Kingdom decreased by 13.2%.

Vivo sold the most smartphones last year. It occupied 18.6% of the Chinese market. But during the year, the supply of this company decreased by more than a quarter – 25.1%. The second place in sales was taken by the company Honor, it managed to increase its sales by more than a third – 34.4%. The company occupied 18.1% of the Chinese market. Oppo and Apple took third place in sales, each with 16.8% of the market. At the same time, Apple’s sales this year have dropped a little by 4.4%.

According to IDC’s previous statement, last year, worldwide smartphone sales decreased by 11.3%.

As before knowledgeable Leading Chinese smartphone manufacturers – Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo – reduced its shipments by around 20% after a month-long lockdown that severely disrupted their supply chains and undermined consumer confidence.

Source: Gazeta


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