In the USA, a one-legged man attacked the police and tried to piss on them 17:59

In New York, a one-legged man beat market workers, assaulted police officers, and tried to piss on them. informs New York Post.

On January 25, 2023, a one-legged man walked into a grocery store, bought a few items and tried to get out without paying. The workers tried to stop him, but the attacker slammed them in the face with a padlock.

The police arrived on the scene. The man slammed the padlock in his face, and then they bent him and threw him onto the asphalt. He managed to take off his pants and pee aggressively, aiming at the police.

It was stated that the man had previously been detained for the attacks, but was later released. The attacker was also released on bail this time.

formerly known as Omsk accepted suspended prison sentence for trying to beat the traffic police inspector while preparing a protocol.

Source: Gazeta


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