Bloomberg: Many gas stations in Rome closed due to two-day union strike 16:51

On Wednesday, January 25th, some petrol stations (gas stations) in Rome were not opened due to the union strike. Fuel station employees are not satisfied with the obligation of Italian Prime Minister Giorgi Meloni to show the average gasoline and diesel prices at fuel stations together with their own prices, informs Bloomberg agency.

“Most of the gas stations in central Rome were closed on Wednesday morning, but traffic was as heavy as ever. Some drivers filled their tanks early, and a limited number of pumps remain open to provide limited service in cities and highways.

Currently, Italian authorities are trying to persuade protesters to return to their jobs and continue working at gas stations. However, the note states that some union representatives have already indicated that the strike will last for at least the next 48 hours.

“Meloni has been on the defensive since the end of December, when the removal of auto fuel subsidies sparked protests from consumers and unions. It responded with measures mandating gas stations to display the average price of petrol and diesel along with their own prices. Stations that do not comply will be fined.”

January 23, Chief Analyst of the Czech company Finlord Boris Tomchiak declarationcurrently Europe’s cheapest diesel fuel is sold in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. The average price of a liter is $1.64 and $1.7, respectively. In Germany it will cost $2.6. Italian diesel now costs $2.09 per liter. The highest prices for this fuel are fixed in France – $2.11 per liter.

Source: Gazeta


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