Yandex Taxi launches a new financial service for self-employed co-drivers 19:09

The Yandex team has announced the launch of a new financial product for self-employed co-drivers. Now they can apply for a Yandex Pro debit card based on Yandex Bank and the Mir payment system.

A bank card can be used to pay for any goods and services, but its main advantage is that the payment for the completed order is received on the driver’s card three minutes after the completion of the trip, and there are no transaction fees, reports the press service Yandex Taxi service. .

You can issue a digital card in the latest version of the Yandex Pro driver application. For now, plastic cards are only available in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but residents of other cities will have such an opportunity in the near future. Card maintenance is free.

“There has been talk for a long time about the possible appearance of a product from Yandex to compete with other services for taxi drivers.
It allows you to instantly withdraw the money you earn from the driver application to your card. Finally, such a product appeared, ”says Nikolai Kolodov, head of the Moscow Taxi Syndicate Dobro.

Among the main advantages of the novelty, the specialist considers the possibility of receiving 10% for refueling, 5% for purchases in Yandex Market, and payment for orders in fast food restaurants.

“But the most important thing is the ability to instantly receive money from a bank card without the additional fees that other services and banks charge for such a service,” explains the interlocutor of, explaining this by the absence of intermediaries.

Kolodov underlines that Yandex has also announced a suitable financial product to be embedded in a working application.
This means that Yandex Pro taxi drivers can receive information about account receipts, expenses and transfers without installing the drivers Internet banking mobile application.

The head of the Moscow Taxi Union is confident that the new Yandex Taxi product will increase the number of drivers who decide to apply for self-employment status and start doing business legally.

According to Irina Zaripova, head of the Public Council for Taxi Development, the self-employed make up about one-fifth of all taxi workers, and from September 2023 their number will increase further.

“We can say that the taxi market has already started to restructure within the framework of the new sector legislation. Services are struggling to attract self-employed people. We support projects and tools that help carriers get involved in legal business,” concludes Zaripova.

Source: Gazeta


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