IATA chief says West must be prepared for resumption of flights over Russia 20:06

Western countries need to start preparing for the resumption of flights from Russian airspace to reduce the burden on airlines. This view was expressed by William Walsh, Director-General of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Wrote telegraph newspaper.

“We should consider opening up Russian airspace,” Walsh said.

According to Walsh, Beijing, which has recently restricted flights due to anti-coronavirus restrictions, may ease restrictions in 2023. In this case, Chinese airlines will have an advantage over, for example, British Airways, whose flights can be delayed for several hours, bypassing Russian airspace.

The head of IATA added that a large number of planes began to accumulate in Europe due to the flight ban over Russia and Ukraine.

Bloomberg in the second half of October reportedHong Kong airline Cathay Pacific will soon resume flights in Russian airspace.

Source: Gazeta


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