Danish Saxo Bank analysts predicted that the creation of the EU army will begin in 2023 06.12.2022, 20:33

The European Union (EU) will begin to create a unified armed force in 2023. such a warning it contains In the annual forecast of Danish investment bank Saxo Bank.

“In 2023, it will become clearer that Europe must rally its defense capabilities and rely less on increasingly volatile political cycles in the United States, which increases the risk of the United States abandoning its previous commitments (defense in Europe).” it says broadcast.

Analysts of the financial institution believe that EU members will agree next year on the creation of a pan-European armed forces by 2028. It is assumed that soldiers will be sent to the region to ensure security on land, water, air and space.” Saxo Bank believes the alliance will allocate 10 trillion Euros over 20 years to achieve these goals.

Saxo Bank publishes a series of “shock forecasts” each year, warning of major events that may occur next year. The new document also talked about a sharp increase in the price of gold from the current $1.8k to $3,000 per ounce.

Eric Robertsen, head of global research at Standard Chartered suggestedDue to the decline in the value of cryptocurrencies in 2023, the price of gold may begin to rise – up to $ 2.25 thousand per ounce.

Source: Gazeta


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