Lukoil shareholders approved a dividend payment of 793 rubles per share from January to September at 21:49.

An extraordinary meeting of the shareholders of the Russian oil company Lukoil approved the payment of 537 rubles. Dividend per share from retained earnings for 2021 and RUB 256 per share for January-September 2022. About Wrote Agency TASS, referring to the press service of the company.

The persons entitled to receive dividends will be determined as of 21 December 2022. Nominee holders will receive payment no later than January 10, 2023, while other registered shareholders of the company will receive payment by January 31.

Lukoil securities on the Moscow Exchange until the closing of trading on December 5 traded for 4,629 rubles. per share.

At the end of September, the press service of the Russian state energy company Gazprom reportedshareholders decided at an extraordinary meeting to pay the first interim dividend in the holding’s history for the first half of 2022. The amount of payment will be 51.03 rubles per share.

Rusal Board of Directors in the second half of August suggested Shareholders will pay dividends at the rate of $0.02 per common share for the first half of 2022.

Source: Gazeta


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