Economist Semenova says she will receive a pension twice in December 02:11

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Department of State and Municipal Finance, Russian University of Economics. GV Plekhanova Galina Semenova told “Hitting the Primer”The January 2023 pension will be paid to certain categories of citizens in December.

In connection with the New Year’s holiday, retirees whose pensions accrued before the 8th will receive a January payment in December this year. Payment scheduled for the end of the month

Those who receive money after the 8th of the month will receive the payments according to the schedule. Such changes relate to the work schedule of employees of the Russian Post.

It is noted that there are no New Year’s supplements to the pension. However, some employers provide financial assistance to their retired employees. Semenova explained that we are talking about a payment, gift or package of food up to four thousand rubles.

Former pension fund raised The maximum amount of additional payments for dependents is up to 7220 rubles. The surcharge is only available for an older person’s child under the age of 18. Additional fees apply for grandchildren under 18 or for grandchildren aged 18 to 23 unless they have other relatives of working age who are legally obliged to support them.

Also, former State Duma deputy Valery Rashkin, who was previously convicted of killing a deer during illegal hunting, judicial the amount of pension payments received from the state.

Source: Gazeta


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