The US Treasury made statements about the “ceiling price” for oil from Russia 02:42

The United States Department of the Treasury has issued statements on the “ceiling price” for oil from Russia, identified additional exceptions to this policy, and defined the US stance on transportation emergencies. DEA News With reference to US Treasury documents.

In particular, petroleum products that have been subjected to “significant foreign processing” will not fall under the “price ceiling” for Russian oil. In addition, the US Treasury Department announced that the introduction of a “price ceiling” for Russian oil will be carried out after the so-called “technical exercise” – what this term means is not specified in Russia’s documents. department.

At the same time, American companies will enjoy the right to participate in Russian oil-related transactions – only if the “price ceiling” conditions are met. One of these new conditions was that the “limited” cost of Russian oil did not include the cost of transporting energy resources. Oil supply and discharge will be evaluated using market methods.

In addition, the United States undertakes not to interfere with the elimination of emergencies during the transportation of oil from Russia and to allow the emergency unloading of oil and petroleum products on US soil in case of emergency.

Previously, the EU, according to Bloomberg, suggested A 45-day transition period after the introduction of the Russian oil price ceiling.

Source: Gazeta


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