Stopped the traffic police? Here’s the main driver misconception:

We recently listed 12 key points that every driver should be aware of when meeting with the traffic police. Today we remember one – is it possible to stop drivers just to check documents?

The Administrative Regulations of the Ministry of the Interior for the supervision of traffic, which are valid until 2017, stipulates that documents are only checked at stationary posts. Then the restriction was lifted: technology simplified the work of inspectors on the road, and the stationary posts themselves practically disappeared.

What do you say about today?

According to paragraphs 84, 89 and 91 of the current Administrative Regulations, when stopping the car, the traffic officer is obliged:

  • introduce yourself;
  • explain to you the reason;
  • list the documents to be submitted.

There are many reasons to quit, and the traffic police officer really has the power to require the driver to stop to check documents for the right to use and drive a vehicle.

The driver has no right to refuse to check documents. You should also be prepared for the inspector to check passengers’ documents.


If you have been stopped by a traffic police inspector and you have not broken anything, remember:

  • The inspector is obliged to explain the reason for the stop to the driver;
  • There are many reasons to stop, including checking documents for the right to use and drive a vehicle.

You can learn more in our material “12 nuances that you better know in advance in the case of a traffic police.”

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