What cars are registered with the Military Registration and Recruitment Bureau? The answer will surprise!

Previously, owners of UAZs and motorcycles such as “Dnepr” and “Ural” had to register their vehicles with the military registration and recruitment offices. It is noteworthy that Niva was not required to be registered.

Today, four-wheel drive vehicles that can assist the military in the event of hostilities do not need to be registered with military registration and recruiting offices. But that doesn’t change anything. Without this, the military commissariat gets all the data about the cars that interest it from the traffic police.

Which transport is suitable for military operations?

Order No. 151 on the Customs Union of the Ministry of Defense of Russia of March 14, 2014 contains: a list of vehicles provided to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, other troops, military formations and bodies, as well as special formations created for wartime.

The list includes::

  • trucks
  • buses
  • trailers
  • tractors, etc.

And since 2018, cars have been added to the list.

What kind of cars are interesting for the military?

First of all, those who are in service with the army – this allows you to keep them on the road thanks to the spare parts available in warehouses. That is, these are UAZ-3163 “Patriot”, UAZ-3153 “Hussar” and UAZ-3151, and more recently Haval H9. These are frame SUVs only.

For example, use Toyota land- cruiser it makes no sense – in the event of a breakdown, even a minor one (including a breakdown at the wheel), the car must be left behind. However, the wishes can differ: if you have to deliver something or someone on the public road, then in principle any passenger car is possible.

However today there is no talk of confiscating cars from the population for military needs – the army has no need for this: the army has enough of its own equipment. In addition, personal transport can only be used if martial law has been declared.

And yet we turned to a lawyer, who in turn told me that… it is important for the car owner to know: in case of seizure of his vehicle for state needs.

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