Automatic transmission on Vesta: the timing of the appearance is called

After the transfer of production to Tolyatti, Vesta NG will try to keep the maximum number of options, including ABS and airbags. However, some features will require buyers to wait. So the ESC system will be implemented later. And developing your own automatic transmission is an extremely difficult task, said Maxim Sokolov, the head of AVTOVAZ, in an interview with the oldest car publication Za Rulem.

If you develop a machine yourself, it will take at least three to four years. For this to be cost effective, a large volume of output is required and expensive equipment has to be purchased.

There is a second option – the release of the box under a license in Russia or on the territory of the customs union in cooperation with other manufacturers. Here cooperation with China, Iran, India is possible, Sokolov noted. However, there are issues here that take time.

The release of a machine under license also naturally involves the delivery of many parts from abroad. Synchronization rings, friction clutches, gears, shafts, materials and technologies… This is not a problem for AVTOVAZ – these are questions for manufacturers of rubber products, for metallurgy, for spraying metal surfaces, for heat treatment. We are working with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to achieve a consistent solution to these issues, but this cannot be done quickly,” Sokolov said.

Such license boxes have minimal customization and are installed on many different models. This is now a plus for AvtoVAZ: a universal solution involves the purchase of many identical components, which makes production cheaper. According to Maxim Sokolov’s predictions, AVTOVAZ may receive a licensed automatic transmission in at least a year and a half.

  • Earlier, Maxim Sokolov told how much it would cost AVTOVAZ to develop its own automatic transmission.
  • “Behind the Wheel” can be seen on RuTube.

Source: Z R


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