The expert told who insurers call “unscrupulous victims”

Insurers and car services do not have time to carry out car repairs under OSAGO within the legal term (30 calendar days). As part of the “Import replacement in OSAGO” roundtable discussion, which was held in the Civil Chamber of the Russian Federation, representatives of insurance companies and service stations proposed to relax the deadlines established by law and allow cars to be temporarily repaired with what can now be obtained – used spare parts.

Also at the round table was a representative of Za Rulem, who had questions about these proposals as well as the insurers themselves. Although he admits that the situation in OSAGO is really difficult right now.

Expert opinion

Maxim Kadakovyeditor-in-chief of the magazine “Behind the wheel”:

– The proposals of car insurers do not suit many, and the question arises, but what is the way out? Cars need repair, high quality original spare parts are really not enough. Of course, you can leave everything at the mercy of the customer – if the car owner agrees to repair with used spare parts – repair, if he does not agree, then wait six months or more for the desired part to appear.

The horror of the situation is that when a customer asks if their car can be repaired for money, as a rule, the answer is always yes. And Casco is also repaired more often. And when you come to OSAGO, there are often no spare parts. This drives people crazy. The refusal to buy OSAGO policies has already started and at this roundtable I have openly told representatives of insurance companies that they will bring the situation to the point where people will stop buying “automobile citizenship” en masse. All this can lead to the destruction of this type of insurance.

Already there are regions where 50% of drivers drive without OSAGO, on average 25-30% of drivers do not buy a policy, even in affluent cities. That is, a person suffering from such a driver is unprotected. He can claim damages in court, but not everyone is able to do so and the procedure does not proceed quickly.

And the insurance companies are now openly using the term – unscrupulous victim! This is not a scammer, the car lawyer who worked with him did not set it up, now he is a person who has had an accident and just wants a normal attitude towards themselves and the fulfillment of their obligations through insurance and related service stations . Requires normal and timely repair of the car, that is, what he should do by law. If such a car owner does not want to get into the position of insurance companies, does not want to get away with the “penny” offered to him as compensation for a loss, he is called an unscrupulous victim.

I predict a massive refusal of people to buy OSAGO, and an added “stimulus” is the fact that policies are also getting more expensive. Insurers hope that monitoring the presence of an OSAGO policy using video cameras will work in the near future. Although it did not work in March of this year (as promised), and it is unknown when it will work. But if we assume that this will ever happen, then the insurers will be fine, they will push everyone to this obligation, only with reduced quality. At least in those regions where there are a lot of cameras – in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tatarstan, and so on.

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