The Ministry of Industry and Trade described the Russian auto industry as uncompetitive

The Ministry of Industry and Trade reported that in the country’s draft strategy for the development of the automotive industry by 2035, the products of the Russian automotive industry are characterized as uncompetitive. TASS.

“One of the main obstacles to the development of exports of Russian automakers is the negative customs regimes established for the import of cars and car kits in important promising countries,” the document says.

It is stated that the customs duty for exports can reach up to 50%, and the customs duty for automobile imports to Russia is 15%.

Former Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation knowledgeableAutomobile domestic demand in Russia fell by 55% in the first half of the year. The document was published on the federal portal of regulatory legal acts.

In particular, the draft states that in 2022 the Russian automotive industry of the Russian Federation is faced with a number of new challenges: a “significant fall in demand in the domestic market”, a series of shutdowns and suspensions of automotive production, primarily caused. with the decision of foreign manufacturers to leave Russia, as well as difficulties in the supply of important components and materials.

Source: Gazeta


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