Sniper appears in Russia

It will be a car with a length of more than 5.4 meters. How is this known? Changan has a Hunter pickup truck up to 5.4m long and now the company plans to release its “big brother”.

The new model will be called “Sniper”, Rossiyskaya Gazeta discovered. The company also published sketches of the new model and some features.

The pick-up will be 5600 mm long, 1930 mm wide and 1865 mm high. The wheelbase will be 3430 mm.

In the special Pro Edition series, the car will receive a special body kit and a number of accessories, due to which the width will be 1945 mm, and the height – 1875 mm. But in all versions, the dimensions of the body are unchanged: 1850 mm in length and 1595 mm in width. The height of the sides will be exactly half a meter.

The sniper will be equipped with both diesel and petrol engines to choose from. The first will have a modest power of 163 horsepower, and the second – an impressive 233 horsepower, despite the volume of 2 liters. Both engines are turbocharged. The drive of cars can be not only full, but also rear, which will significantly reduce the initial cost of the model.

Given the lack of cars on the Russian market and reduced competition in the pickup segment, it can be assumed that the Sniper will appear at Changan dealers sooner or later.

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Image: Changan

Source: Z R


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