Flashing yellow wants to cancel! Opinion of our readers

At the end of July we talked about the fact that all traffic lights in Moscow are off the flashing yellow at night. The Moscow TsODD believes that the flashing yellow is not fulfilling its functions – it does not warn drivers of the approaching red, but on the contrary creates a temptation to “slip through”. In the capital, work has been underway since 2019 on the abolition of flashing yellow at night.

If the practice is successful (and the first results confirm its effectiveness), it will be extended to all of Russia. But do motorists agree? On our Viber account, Za Rulem, we asked our followers what they think about the abolition of the night flashing yellow.

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Almost a quarter of the respondents – 383 people out of more than 1.5 thousand respondents – doubt the positive effect of this measure on safety: they believe that without flashing yellow it cannot be determined that the traffic light will soon turn red.

But another 32% (498 people) agree with the authors of the initiative and believe that the elimination of flashing yellow will reduce the number of nighttime accidents. And the majority – 690 people, or 44% of respondents, generally believe that there will be no significant difference. Recall that we are only talking about the elimination of yellow flashing at night, when the traffic at intersections in the outback is very small.

  • Incidentally, you can file a complaint for incorrect signs and traffic lights.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

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