‘Fuel tourists’ from Finland charged with treason

Finnish “fuel tourists” traveling to Russia to refuel are accused of treason, Inosmi writes, citing the local edition of Yle. Residents say they are forced to do so by the petrol price in Finland.

Is it ethical to go to Russia for gasoline?This question torments many Finns and is actively discussed in social networks. Unethical travel refers to robbing tax payments in Finland.

Some believe that the purchase of Russian gasoline supports Russia’s actions in Ukraine, others frankly say that they have no regrets and that it should be used until the border is closed. For example, motorist Sirpa Laurimo recently received a new Russian visa and she refuels three of her family’s cars every week – sometimes she can even come twice a day. I have calculated that you can save 240 euros per month. She says that buying gasoline in Russia is not a direct aid to the special operation, but an aid to ordinary people, and she is sure that her refusal to refuel in Russia will not save the world. Finns started applying for Russian visas immediately after the news of the lifting of the covid restrictions. 80% of the requests come from “fuel tourists”.

Buses are not allowed!

Finnish customs officials understand everything and do not condemn the Finns who want to refuel in Russia. However, it is impossible to import gasoline in jerry cans from the territory of Russia, only what has entered the tank is allowed. Drive-in cars are therefore carefully checked and if buses are found, they must be returned.

There are two options to solve the problem: the driver takes the bus to Russia himself or gives it to the driver who is going to Russia. This is, of course, cunning, but the customs officials say that they do not care what happens on Russian territory, whether they return a can of gasoline to a gas station or not. However, there is another option – confiscating a jerry can of gasoline and throwing it away later, but it never gets to such an extreme measure. And yet, judging by the number of applications for Russian visas, many residents of border towns do not consider “fuel tourism” to be something outrageous.

Source: Z R


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