The first Renault Logan can go back to the conveyor belt

Recently, Iran’s deputy minister of Mines and Trade told reporters that the Tondar 90, or first-generation Logan, will return to the assembly line next year, with new local or foreign energy units, Khodro Bank writes.

Russian engines are also being considered. We are talking about a naturally aspirated 1.6-liter AVTOVAZ engine with 8 valves, known by the code VAZ-11182. The second engine is a 1.6 liter 16 valve aspirated engine coded VAZ-21129 and the third engine is a 1.8 liter 16 valve engine coded VAZ-1179.

After the implementation of large-scale sanctions against Russia and the withdrawal of some European, Japanese and Korean car manufacturers, the Russians have no choice but to buy new cars from AVTOVAZ and some Chinese companies, as well as new European, Japanese and Korean cars unofficially third countries are imported, the publication writes.

AvtoVAZ must first meet the needs of the Russian market and then be able to export its motorcycles or even cars to Iran.

The first Renault Logan can go back to the conveyor belt

If the Tondar 90 returns to the assembly line, the best option would be to install 1.6-litre engines. If the Russians cooperate with Iran and solve the problems with the supply of imported parts, they can still significantly increase the production of power units and gearboxes. Iranians can also combine these engines with a local 5F18 5-speed manual transmission manufactured by Saipa and Iran Khodro, or a 5F18 manual transmission from Mega Motor.

However, the Iranian concern Saipa also has an “improved” version of the first Logan, with a more modern design, but they could not make serially, and what kind of car they want to produce is not mentioned in the material.

The first Renault Logan can go back to the conveyor belt

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