The gang that stole 44,000 car neutralizers in the USA has emerged

In the US, police in Beaverton, Oregon have charged 14 members of a criminal group who stole more than 3,000 catalytic converters from cars. About informs TV channel KGW8.

According to him, the investigation of mass thefts of expensive car parts began at the end of 2021. Searches at eight addresses yielded about 3,000 neutralizers, several hundred thousand dollars in cash and an expensive car.

Patrick Doyle, alleged leader of the Brennan gang, sold more than 44,000 stolen neutralizers worth $22 million in two years, and his main accomplice, Tanner Lee Hellbush, was detained with 100 pieces in March, according to investigators.

Attackers are stealing converters from cars because of the precious metals found in these parts—especially platinum, rhodium, and palladium. The American police believe that the arrested group of criminals significantly benefited from the significantly increased prices of these metals on the world market.

previously in the USA presented Indictment of two Hyundai dealer mechanics who damaged the brakes of a customer’s car.

Source: Gazeta


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