An attempt to cheat on the exam at the MREO ended in court

An indicative case was reported in the Regional Branch of the Commission of Inquiry for the Rostov Region. A 25-year-old resident of Rostov was accused in the criminal case. The young man came to the theoretical part of the exam at the traffic police armed not only with knowledge, but also with technical means.

Investigators explained that when answering questions, the prospective driver used audio equipment designed to receive information behind the scenes. The tool has completed the task. The young man passed the exam without fail. However, later the technical tool was noticed by MREO employees.

It was this device that became the reason for the start of the procedure. The young man was charged with illegally acquiring special technical equipment intended to secretly obtain information. And this is a criminal article.

The court found the accused guilty. An attempt to deceive the system ended with a fine of 40 thousand rubles.

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    • Source: Z R


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