The GON Museum opens an exhibition on Soviet motorsport

On August 13, 2022, the Special Purpose Garage Museum will open the “Struggle for Speed” exhibit, dedicated to the history of record and race cars. More than 500 rare items appear before the eyes of visitors, representing the history of Soviet racing motorsport, which developed according to its own laws – in the conditions of the Iron Curtain and far from foreign racing circuits.

The exhibit was based on 15 record and race cars, which were considered lost but brought back to life by search engines, historians and restorers.

Here you can see Pobeda-Sport and Estonia, ZIL-112S and Tartu, Kharkiv and Kiev-Sport. Once upon a time, these names were known, and the fireballs, twinkling with polished chrome, broke powerfully from the start. Some records of that time, set by Soviet athletes, have not been broken to this day.

The GON Museum opens an exhibition on Soviet motorsport

Guests of the exhibition will also be able to experience a race car powered by a MIG fighter; ahead of its time pre-war super fast buses and trucks and much more.

Exhibits for the “Struggle for Speed” exhibit were provided by the Shamansky Workshop.

Exhibition period: August 13 – October 9, 2022. Location: VDNH, pavilion 53.

A picture: GON Museum

Source: Z R


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