129 thousand km with Lada Vesta: a problem with neat and a simple solution

Lada Vesta 1.5 (106 hp), R5

Manufacturer — AVTOVAZ
Year of issue — 2015
In operation “Behind the wheel” – since December 2015
Mileage at time of report – 129,000 km

LEDs have replaced incandescent light bulbs everywhere. And not just because they are energy efficient. They also last much longer. This quality is valuable in places where lamps are difficult to replace. For example in the instrument panel: it is painfully bleak to remove and dissect. But that doesn’t always help.

On our Vesta, the fuel gauge backlight LED went out. You knock on the protective glass – it lights up briefly. It is clearly not the light source itself that is responsible, but the contact. Fortunately, the arrow itself glows, so in the dark there is no problem determining the gas supply.

You have to get together, remove it cleanly and apparently work with a soldering iron. The other elements of the combination still work.

Hands reach out for a long time not working turn signal in left mirror. I bought it in advance, opened the mirror, but I didn’t have to change the part. I was worried that the reason was not the optical element itself, but its wiring: all three LEDs went out at the same time, and I often collapsed the left mirror. And it turned out: both wires were frayed. A few minutes with electrical tape, everything flashed again and the new turn signal was in reserve on the shelf.

You can ask your question about the operation of any car from the “Behind the wheel” fleet – we will answer.

  • In this publication we have looked at all the problems of Lada Vesta with mileage.
  • “Driving” can also be viewed on YouTube.

Source: Z R


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